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Welcome to Global Communications Network

Global Communications Network (GCN) is one of the longest-established international networks of owner-managed advertising agencies. It presently consists of nine partner agencies that specialize in marketing communi­cation for areas as diverse as agriculture, construction, automotive, DIY retailing and food processing.

We have teamed up to take our clients’ communi­cation abroad. So you can reach your target audience across borders, language barriers and cultural boun­daries while enjoying your customary high level of expertise.

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Why work with gcn?

GCN Benefits

Efficiency: GCN partners interact as required, depending on the task and the countries involved, so doesn't generate any unnecessary overhead.
Common approach: All GCN members believe in integrated communi­cation based on what a product or service has to offer. So when we are adapting a campaign, we can get right down to business.
Flexibility: GCN is an open structure. We integrate new partners in new countries as our clients require (in countries with existing mem­bers, we cooperate with additional partners as required).
Speed: In all partner agencies, the owners themselves make sure that international projects are handled with top priority, thus ensuring that your deadlines are met.


GCN World Map
Mats Kristiansson
Anja Schumacher
Philippe Franc
@le_phi | Twitter
Great Britain
GCN Member Spain

Plataforma x las marcas

C/Martínez Campos 22
04001 Almeria

Fon: +34 950 239366

GCN Member USA

Marketing | Video Production | Content Creation| Events

2388 E Shore Lane
Culver, IN 46511

Skype: jim-haist


See who is benefiting from GCN´s expertise

GCN Clients

The following clients have or are in the process of extending their reach with GCN. For examples please refer directly to our members’ websites.

Bäro with Plataforma, Schlasse
Bayer Cropscience with Freestyle, Ad-vert Conseil, Horsefield, Rhea + Kaiser, Schlasse
Case with Ad-vert Conseil, Schlasse
Caterpillar with Plataforma, Rhea + Kaiser
Continental with The Others, Green, Schlasse
DSM Nutritional Products with The Others, Green, Hickory
Gartenbau-Versicherung with Ad-vert Conseil, The Others
KLUDI with Horsefield, Schlasse
Kuhn with The Others, Ad-vert Conseil, Horsefield, Plataforma, Rhea + Kaiser, Schlasse
Metra with The Others, Schlasse
Michelin with Ad-vert Conseil, Schlasse
TeeJet with Rhea + Kaiser, Schlasse
Trelleborg with Rhea + Kaiser, Söner
TT-Line with Horsefield, Söner
Underwriter‘s Laboratories with The Others, Rhea + Kaiser
Reflex with Horsefield, Schlasse


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